reel to real 25 Years of Celebrity Interviews

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reel to real
25 Years of Celebrity Interviews

by David Fantle and Tom Johnson


The year was 1974 and “That’s Entertainment,” the compilation film of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studio’s most wondrous musical moments had just opened wide at theaters nationwide. For David Fantle and Tom Johnson, two St. Paul, Minnesota teenagers, it was a galvanizing experience.

When “That’s Entertainment” opened, their interest in the movies and the stars that were in them was piqued. Not only did they become film buffs, but in 1978, just liberated from high school, they made their first trip to Los Angeles to interview Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly and George Burns. The celebrity floodgates opened.

The pair began publishing their interviews in the Minnesota Daily, the University of Minnesota newspaper and have interviewed more than 200 celebrities the past 25 years for publications throughout the world.

Reel to Real: 25 years of celebrity profiles from vaudeville to movies to TV represents the authors 60 “best” interviews with such legendary names as Astaire, Kelly, Burns, James Cagney, Lucille Ball, Gregory Peck, Bob Hope, Charlton Heston and Frank Capra.

The book also features forewords by Cyd Charisse and Shirley Jones and 24-pages of rare and candid celebrity shots, most taken by the authors.

Here's what people are saying about Reel to Real:

"Amazing! These two guys accomplished as youngsters what I've spent a lifetime doing. They have produced an incisive, entertaining view of Hollywood icons from the Golden Age."
-- Bob Thomas, Associated Press correspondent

"A nice book about Hollywood... a good read."
-- Janet Leigh

"A sweet yet semi-tart toss back to when stars were (almost) believably sincere."
-- E!'s Ted Casablanca

"A lost (and found) treasure of interviews with a Grand Hotel cast of names, all done with intelligence, affection and Midwestern sincerity."
-- Patrick McGilligan, author, Alfred Hitchcock: A Life in Darkness and Light

"David and Tom have done a prolific job of interviewing the great, the near great and the journeymen (like me) actors who populate this book."
-- Ed Asner

Reel to Real
Publication date: February 2004
Softcover ISBN 1-932542-04-3
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