Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak | EBOOK

FUZE Publishing

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by Mark Saunders

In early December of 2005, the author and his wife, along with their dog and cat, packed up their 21st century jalopy, a black Audi Quattro with a luggage carrier on top, and left Portland, Oregon, for San Miguel de Allende, three thousand miles away in the middle of Mexico, where they knew no one and could barely speak the language.  Things fell apart almost from the beginning.  The house they rented was as cold as a restaurant’s freezer.  Their furniture took longer than expected to arrive.  They couldn’t even get copies of their house keys made.  They unintentionally filled their house with smoke and just as unintentionally knocked out the power to their entire neighborhood.  In other words, they were clueless.  Nobody Knows the Spanish I Speak is their story.

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