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Entering the Blue Stone by Mary Best Tinsley

What happens when one’s larger-than-life military parents-disciplined, distinguished, exacting-begin sliding out of control?  The General struggles to maintain his invulnerable façade against Parkinson’s disease; his lovely wife manifests a bizarre dementia. Their three grown children, desperate to save the situation, convince themselves of the perfect solution:  an upscale retirement community.  But as soon as their parents have been resettled within its walls, the many imperfections of its system of care begin to appear.

Entering the Blue Stone asks us to take a skeptical look at our need to spin heroic narratives with happy endings.  It suggests letting go of our persistent orientation to the future in order to appreciate what is here and now.  Rather than taking a how-to approach to the increasingly common experience of caring for diminished parents, it offers a unique perspective on this challenge and weaves a very special form of support. It would make a splendid, thought-provoking choice for many book groups.


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