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     50 Wisconsin Crimes of the Century is the latest in the Crimes of the Century series by long-time Wisconsin reporter and crime writer Marv Balousek. ISBN 1-878569-47-1, $16.95;

     50 Wisconsin Crimes of the Century is the latest in the Crimes of the Century series by long-time Wisconsin reporter and crime writer Marv Balousek. ISBN 1-878569-47-1, $16.95;

    101 Wisconsin Unsolved Mysteries by Marv Balousek is a collection of murder mysteries and natural phenomena by the state's most popular true crime author. 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-70-8, $12.95; Quantity: E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. 

    Alan Kulwicki NASCAR Champion: Against All Odds by Fr. Dale Grubba is a true life story of how Allan Kulwicki started racing Go-Karts and won the NASCAR Winston Cup. 5.5x8.5, 528 pages, ISBN 9781932542394, $23.95

    Any Damm Fool Can Be A Farmer  by Bob Knopes is a first hand account of a boy growing up on a farm in Janesville, Wisconsin during the Great Depression. 5.5x8.5, 196 pages, ISBN 9781932542356, $12.95

    The Back Porch by Jerry Apps is a CD-Rom with Jerry reading his favorite stories from his many rural lifestyle books. CD-Rom, ISBN 1-932542-14-0, $12.95.  Out of print, go to

    Basically True by Richard King is a collection of ribald tales from behind the mike and at the bar. Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-92-0, $14.95. Out of print, please order from

    Bob's Wisconsin Dairy Friends by Robert C. Bjorklund is a collection of dairy farm family profiles by one of Wisconsin's most prolific agricultural writers. Softcover, ISBN 1-93254-33-2, $16.95.

    Bovine Intervention by Glen Jensen is a farm-flavored mystery about four California dairymen to try to make sure their bull makes them millions. Softcover, ISBN 1-93254-26-4, $16.95. Out of print, please order from

    Catholic Schools Then and Now by Mary Reardon is a guide for parents to teachings and theology of Catholic schools past and present. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-11-6, $16.95.

    The Christmas Heart and other stories of the season by Greg Borowski is a collection of six heartwarming holiday tales. Hardcover, ISBN 1-932542-25-6, $16.95.

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    A Christmas Wish and more stories of the season by Greg Borowski is a collection of  heartwarming holiday tales. Hardcover, ISBN 1-932542-38-7, $19.95.

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    Coaching Our Sons by Chuck Tank is a real "Who's Who" of high school basketball in Wisconsin. More than fifty coaches were interviewed to provide information to tell the story of coaching their sons. 5.5x8.5 soft cover,                 ISBN  978-1932542-34-9, $19.95.

    Covering the Second Coming by Larry W. Phillips is a hilarious look at how the media would cover the Ultimate Event. Set in 2004 in central Africa. 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-34-1, $12.95. Out of print, please order from

    Destined to Live by Kristin Gilpatrick recounts the amazing adventures of World War II pilot "Wild Bill" Scanlon. Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-79-1, $14.95;

     E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. Quantity:

    Eagles Over the River by Jean Clausen chronicles the return of bald eagles to the Wisconsin River after the end of pesticide use. ISBN 1-878569-50-3, $9.95.

    Exxon and the Crandon Mine Controversy by Michael O'Brien chronicles the defeat of giant mining companies and politicians by a group of environmentalists and ordinary citizens. ISBN 1-1932542-37-0, $19.95.

    Ella Moon by Ed Ifkovic is a fictionalized account of the life of Ella Wheeler Wilcox, one of the Victorian world's most popular poets and author of the line: "Laugh and the world laughs with you..." Hardcover, ISBN 1-878569-72-4, $25; Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-73-2, $14.95; E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. Out of print, please order from (PDF format), $9.95.

    Famous Wisconsin Artists and Architects by Hannah Heidi Levy many of the state's famous and lesser known artists and architects. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-12-4, $16.95.

    Famous Wisconsin Authors is the first of our Famous Wisconsin Series profiling over two dozen Wisconsin authors and written by author and publisher James P. Roberts. ISBN 1-878569-85-6, $14.95.

    Famous Wisconsin Film Stars by Kristin Gilpatrick profiles three dozen Hollywood stars who grew up or went to school in Wisconsin. ISBN 1-878569-86-4, $16.95.

    Famous Wisconsin Ghosts and Ghost Hunters by Hannah Heidi Levy. Wisconsin's spookiest ghosts and the people who hunt them. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-28-0, $16.95.

    Famous Wisconsin Inventors & Entrepreneurs by Marv Balousek profiles 30 inventors and entrepreneurs plus listings of 50 more. Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-87-2, $14.95.

    Famous Wisconsin Musicians by Susan Masino with a foreword by legendary musician Les Paul, profiles 32 musicians with a Wisconsin connection. Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-88-0, $14.95.

    Famous Wisconsin Mystics by Hannah Heidi Levy, who interviews over two dozen astrologers, Tarot readers, palmists, psychics and spiritual healers from Wisconsin. Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-91-0, $14.95.

    Farm Kid by Justin Isherwood. Humorous anecdotes about growing up on a farm. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-15-9, $16.95.

    Fatal Identity by Gina Barton. A true crime story of friendship, deception, murder and identity theft. Paperback, ISBN 1-932542-36-3, $17.95.

    A Field Guide to Sheepshead by Erica Rosch is a complete guide with all variations to Wisconsin's most popular card game. Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-77-5 $9.95;

    E-Book (PDF format), ISBN 0-9704384-8-6 $9.95.Quantity:

    Field House Echoes by Tom Butler revisits the days of basketball and boxing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Field House. Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-97-X $16.95. Out of print, please order from 

    First and Long: A black school, a white school and their season of dreams by Greg Borowski is the story of a high school football season in which mostly black Messmer High School of Milwaukee and mostly white Shorewood High School fielded a joint team. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-03-5, $16.95.

    Football Madison Style by Wayne "Knobby" Kelliher is a statistical history of high school football in Madison, Wisconsin since 1893. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-05-1, $16.95. Out of print, please order from

    Footprints in Courage: A Bataan Death March Survivor’s Story by Kristin Gilpatrick is the true story of a survivor of the Bataan death march during World War II. Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-90-2, $14.95.

    Quantity: E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. Quantity:

    God's Little Isthmus by J. Allen Kirsch is an engaging sequel to his first novel, Madlands, published by Waubesa Press in 1993. 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-44-9, $14.95.

    The Golden Age of Wisconsin Auto Racing by Father Dale Grubba highlights races and drivers from the glory racing days at Wisconsin's short tracks. Over 200 photos! 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-67-8, $12.95;

    E-Book (PDF format)  $9.95 

    Gone Missing! by Dennis Boyer is the latest book in his series of ghost stories. ISBN 1-878569-89-9, $14.95.

    The Great Wisconsin Manhunt of 1961 by Marshall Cook is a compelling, true crime account of the state's largest manhunt for three fugitives. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-08-6, $16.95.

    Hafa Adai! The Sun Shines Brighter on Saipan Author Kerry G. Hill relives his experience as a foreign exchange student over a quarter century ago in Saipan in the South Pacific. E-Book (PDF format), $9.95.

    The Hero Next Door by Kristin Gilpatrick features 14 profiles of World War II heroes living in Wisconsin. 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-66-X, $14.95; E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. 

    The Hero Next Door Returns by Kristin Gilpatrick features more profiles of World War II heroes living in Wisconsin, including a woman pilot and a nurse. 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-76-7, $14.95;

    E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. Quantity:

     The Hero Next Door Korean War by Kristin Gilpatrick profiles the heros of the Korean conflict. 6"x9" softcover, ISBN 9781932542400, $16.95

    Honey, This is Trudy by Marv Balousek is a murder mystery set in Madison, Wisconsin, fiction based on the career of a  woman crime reporter. 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-17-1, $1.00.

    The Humor of Healing by Dr. Donald A. Johnson. Humorous medical anecdotes from three centuries. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-13-2, $16.95. Out of print, please order from E-Book (PDF format), $9.95.

    It's in the Fine Print by Bob Richards is a collection of columns by Wisconsin's best-known television and newspaper consumer columnist. 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-62-7, $12.95;

    Out of print, please order from

    E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. Quantity:

    Joe Coffee's Revolution by Mike Palecek is a novel about a former protester who runs for Congress and challenges the political establishment. Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-94-5, $16.95. Out of print, please order from

    The Last Valkyrie by Steve Olson is a contemporary tale of a construction worker who struggles with political correctness against a rich backdrop of Norse mythology. ISBN 1-878569-49-X, $1.00.

    Madison Retro by Larry W. Phillips. In this whimsical tale, two middle-aged men return by time machine to the 1960s days of free love, drugs and the war at home. 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-22-8, $12.95. Out of print, please order from

    Madlands by J. Allen Kirsch is a biting satire of politically correct life during the mid-1980s in Madison. Gay and lesbian characters. 6x9 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-18-X, $12.95. 

     Miss Lulu Bett/ Birthby Zona Gale. The best two novels by Wisconsin classic writer Zona Gale. A dramatic version of Miss Lulu Bett won a Pulitzer Prize in 1922. Birth is considered by critics as her best work. 6x9 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-19-8, $12.95. Out of print, please order from

      Massacre in Milwaukee, Jeff Dahmer the Killerby Richard W. Jaeger & M. William Balousek. E-Book (PDF format), ISBN 1-878569-82-1, $9.95. Out of print, please order from

    The Miller Beer Barons: The Frederick Miller Family and its Brewery by Tim John. The 150-year history of Miller Brewery by a descendant of founder Fred Miller. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-16-7, $19.95.

    Night Games: Bartending at Max McGee's and Fuzzy Thuston's Left Guard and other bistros by Bob Dries. Softcover, ISBN 978-1-932542-41-7, $24.95

       A Northern Land  by Howard D. Paap is a white man's perspective of life with the Ojibwe Indians of the Red Cliff reservation in northern Wisconsin. Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-78-3, $16.95;

     E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. Quantity:

    Northern Frights by Dennis Boyer is a collection of Wisconsin ghost  tales, folk ledgends and super natural happenings. Softcover, ISBN 9781932542-27-1, $16.95

    Once Upon a Hex by Dennis Boyer is a collection of ghost and supernatural stories related to the Pennsylvania Dutch. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-09-4, $16.95.

     E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. Quantity:

    A Paratrooper Remembers by Glen Drake is a true story of a U.S. paratrooper in World War II. Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-92-0, $12.95.

    Pioneer Vigilante : The Legend of John Dietz by Gunnard Landers. The stand of John Dietz against the lumber barons and the government during the early years of the 20th Century captured the public's imagination nationwide. 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-53-8, $14.95.

     The Players Guild by Frank Fetherston tells the tale of members of a small town theater company who fight to have a community theater built instead of a convention center. E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. E-Book (PDF format), $9.95.

    Plum Lake : Visits to the Northwoods by David Nyweide is a non-fiction collection of tales about a boy's vacations at a northern Wisconsin resort, including hiking, biking, building and of secret hideouts and ice cream from a country store. 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-59-7, $9.95;

     E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. Quantity:

    A Rage of Ambition by Helen Foley is a mysterious, romantic saga. The novel is set at a major Wisconsin tourist attraction. 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-64-3, $14.95;

    E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. Quantity:

    Remember Me Dancing by Ken Parejko is a historical novel that highlights the struggles of Polish immigrants farming during the early 20th Century. 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-36-8, $14.95.

    Return of Elijah by Father Dale Grubba is a fictional thriller set in the resort community of Wisconsin Dells about a mentally ill man who goes on a rampage. Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-75-9, $12.95;

    Rites of Passage by Robert "Bullet" Peterson is a gripping account of the author's tour of duty in Vietnam and the aftermath of his war wounds. Hardcover: ISBN 1-878569-48-1, $25; Softcover: ISBN 1-878569-45-7, $14.95.

     Rivers Must Run by Paul Kending is a historical, all-ages novel about a boy whose upbringing in dual cultures helps resolve a bitter 19th Century dispute between loggers and power companies. ISBN 1-878569-46-5, $12.95.

    Snow on the Rails: Tales of Heartland Railroading by Dennis Boyer is a collection of railroading stories set in locales throughout the Midwest. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-00-0, $15.95.

    Stalag Wisconsin: Inside WW II prisoner-of-war camps by Betty Cowley is a comprehensive look at 38 prisoner-of-war camps in Wisconsin during World War II that housed 20,000 prisoners. Softcover, ISBN 1-878569-83-X, $16.95;  Look on Amazon 

    E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. Quantity:

    Strangers and Guests by James Brophy. Streetwise Chicago collides with Wisconsin dairyland in this novel. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-30-2, $16.95.

    Survivor's Paradise by Paul Kending is a spiritual novel and a journey in search of the mystical White Buffalo. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-07-8, $16.95. Out of print, please order from

     E-Book (PDF format), $9.95. Quantity:

    The Travels Of Increase Joseph by Jerry Apps is the first novel by popular author Jerry Apps about a pioneer preacher. Hardcover, ISBN 1-932542-01-9 $22.95.

    To Thank a River by Jean Clausen features the author's best memories of her life along the Wisconsin River. Nature Nuts will love it! 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-37-6, $9.95.

    True Crime in Titletown, USA by Tracy C. Ertl and Mike R. Knetzger provides three unsolved criminal cases from Green Bay including a double murder, bank robbery and extortion case. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-17-5, $16.95.  In Editing

    Twins by Mike Palecek is a novel about two brothers set in the Twin Cities. Softcover, ISBN 1-932542-06-X, $16.95.

    Walter's Boy by Steve Hopkins is a collection of essays about travel, people and the Wisconsin outdoors by one of the state's most popular writers. Hopkins is a former columnist for the Wisconsin State Journal. 6x9 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-16-3, $1.00. Out of print, please order from

    A War of Their Own by Jerry Buss chronicles the Krueger brothers of Withee, Wisconsin, who chose to defend their pacifist beliefs during World War I with guns blazing. 6x9 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-52-X, $12.95.

     War through the hole in a Donut by Angela Petesch tells the story of the Red Cross serving coffee and donuts to American GIs in World War II. 5.5x8.5", 240 pages,  ISBN 9780974414324, $15.95

    What Two Can Do: Sam & Mandy Stellman's Crusade for Social Justice by Chris Roerden. A Milwaukee couple who helped reform sexual assault laws reveal their secrets for social change in an inspiring biography. 5.5x8.5 softcover, ISBN 1-878569-68-6, $14.95. Out of print, please order from 

    Wisconsin's Historic Courthouses The state's historic courthouses are captured in 120 full-color photos by L. Roger Turner, historical information and anecdotes by Marv Balousek and black-and-white photos of courthouses torn down. 11x8.5 hardcover, ISBN 1-878569-56-2, $35.


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