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Lisa Loucks Christenson is a #1 International Bestselling Author of several book series, stand alone books for Children, Young Reader, Middle Grade, YA.

Her wildlife documentaries have been featured exhibits at the National Eagle Center, aired on Ron Schara's Minnesota Bound, The Big Wild, television news in Minnesota and Wisconsin, newspapers, magazines, and her galleries in Rochester and formerly Wisconsin.

Lisa Loucks Christenson does not accept outside submissions for her personal imprints. 

Lisa Loucks Christenson Publishing, LLC editorial office is open January to September. Authors may query and expect a reply within 6 weeks if we are interested in publishing, or holding the manuscript for a holiday, or new imprint. We accept simultaneous submissions. Authors who would like to receive our consideration for a possible publishing contract should send their complete submission package. A Submission Package should include: your query, bio, publishing credits, synopsis, full manuscript (we only accept completed manuscripts), marketing and promotional plans, comparable titles, a goal of what you would like from us if we were to become your publisher, and any questions you may have. We don't accept erotica. We publish secular and Christian fiction. Send your package (electronic submissions only) to our editorial committee at:

LLCPeditors @ gmail.com, will. If we are interested, you will be sent a follow up email and possible contract in 12 weeks. 


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